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Owner, Visionary WBHS

How I changed from a 3rd generation waterproofer to a 1st generation Basement Health Specialist

As is the case with most fathers, my baby girl is the center of my world. When my daughter was 2 years old, her younger brother was born. The same week we brough him home from the hospital, my daughter came down with a runny nose and fever. With a newborn baby in the house, this was a concern. Given that it was the middle of summer, it was even more concerning since it didn’t seem likely to be a normal cold. By the next day, both my wife and I were experiencing the same symptoms as my daughter. Fortunately, my son escaped from developing any symptoms.

But, knowing what I know about foundation health and the possible health effects of poor indoor air quality, I decided to investigate our crawlspace. Sure enough, I found mold! Because it was a holiday weekend, the mold company said they couldn’t get out there for 4 days. I’m sure any parent can relate to the panic that came over me when I heard that. I had a newborn baby in a moldy house, and I couldn’t fix it for 4 days! I felt helpless and terrified.

But then I remembered something that I had learned at a recent Basement Health Association seminar. A speaker there had talked about installing ventilation systems at the foundation level to create a cleaner air exchange throughout the house. I had one of his units sitting in my shed that I had intended to install, but never quite got around to it. Well, at this point I had nothing to lose and not many other options – so I installed it. Within 24 hours of turning on the EZ-Breathe machine, we were all symptom free!

Words cannot adequately express how relived I was knowing that my young children were now safe from the dangers of mold. That was the day that I stopped selling basement waterproofing, and started helping people understand the importance of comprehensive Basement Health Solutions. And it all started because my daughter had a runny nose.

When you want to learn more about Worthington Basement Health Systems, you need to go back all the way to the early 1960s, when our business was founded under the name Springfield Waterproofing. As a family-owned business, the third generation of waterproofers now carries on the mission that began all those years ago—providing homeowners throughout the Delaware Valley with professional service, guaranteed results, and most of all, an exceptional experience with our skilled team.

Experience that You Can Trust for Full-Service Waterproofing and More

As the times have changed, Worthington Basement Health Systems has evolved to deliver a more comprehensive approach to solving water issues in Delaware Valley homes. For projects large or small, we take tremendous pride in the quality of our work and the depth of our customer service, and all of our contractors are highly experienced, trained, and certified. In fact, our senior foreman is a master of his craft and has been with our company for more than 25 years!

While our commitment to our customers is evident in all that we do, we also back up our promise of quality with several industry recognitions, including:

  • Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau
  • Affiliation with the Indoor Air Quality Association
  • Triple-certification with the Basement Health Association (BHA)
  • A+ ratings and countless positive reviews from satisfied customers

Comprehensive Basement Health Solutions in the Delaware Valley

The professionals at Worthington Basement Health Systems know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving water-related problems in homes throughout the area. That’s why we offer a full scope of services that covers everything from repair and encapsulation to innovative systems to protect your family by improving the quality of your indoor air, including:

  • Basement Waterproofing: We provide comprehensive services for waterproofing the inside and outside of your basement—preventing water damage and mold growth.
  • Basement Health Systems: From ventilation to dehumidification, we offer a full selection of systems to improve indoor air quality and support the health of your family.
  • Egress Solutions: To keep your property up-to-code and your family safe, we offer services for the installation of quality egress windows and bulkhead stairwells for your basement space.
  • Structural Repairs: Are you dealing with water damage in your foundation? Our innovative solutions ensure that your property is structurally repaired for guaranteed strength.


Learn More About Why We’re the Top Name for Professional Waterproofing Services

Fifty years and three generations later, Worthington Basement Health Systems continues to be a name that’s trusted across the Delaware Valley for providing the quality, value, and service that local residents need—and we’d love to tell you more about what we offer! Learn more about our company and our high-quality services today by giving us a call, or fill out our online form now to request a free price quote and consultation.


Lifetime Warranty Coverage

Take the first step towards a healthy home by filling out our online form to request a free assessment!

Lifetime Warranty Coverage

Take the first step towards a healthy home by filling out our online form to request a free assessment!

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