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With our innovative structural repair techniques, we can offer affordable and timely services for foundation damage.

Structural Repair

Do your basement walls have horizontal cracks running along them? Are they bowing inwards or are the blocks shifting? Along with gaps where the walls meet the floor and water leaking in, these can be signs of foundation damage in your Delaware Valley home. When you notice these issues, the first step is to call a professional structural repair company. Worthington Waterproofing and Basement Health Systems is a well-established company with more than 55 years of experience in repairing and protecting customers' homes. Our team has the tools and knowledge necessary to fix your foundation with minimal investment for a lasting result. We're available to assist with the following services:

  • Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Essential Foundation Repair to Prevent Further Damage

When your foundation has been damaged by the ground shifting or frozen water, it can be a potential danger to your home. A weakened foundation may eventually collapse, causing more damage and requiring expensive repairs. Worthington Basement Health Systems uses carbon fiber straps to support bowing walls and create a permanent foundation repair. These supports are between eight to ten times stronger than steel. Yet they can usually be installed with a minimum of demolition. If the damage to your foundation is more severe, we may also be able to help with more involved structural repair needs to keep your home stable.

Fixing Foundation Wall Cracks

Sometimes, homeowners spot issues like foundation wall cracks in their basements. Whether you have non-structural or structural wall cracks, we can help with effective repair services. Our Delaware Valley experts can fill in cracks with a structural epoxy or hydraulic cement for improved aesthetics and to prevent water from entering. We'll also apply a layer of carbon fiber to the wall to completely cover the cracked area.

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With the guidance of our master foreman, who has over 25 years of experience in basement waterproofing and repair, our team will quickly and permanently fix any foundation damage in your home. We rely on cutting-edge technologies and techniques that keep problems from getting worse and repair existing issues. For more information about our structural repair services, give us a phone call or fill out our online contact form. Our representatives are waiting to schedule your free, in-home consultation and price estimate today.

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