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Montgomery County Exterior Waterproofing Company

Looking for a way to protect your Montco home from water damage? Look no further than the experienced waterproofing company, Worthington Waterproofing and Basement Health Systems. Since the 1960s, we’ve been providing quality interior and exterior waterproofing solutions that protect homes in communities we serve. With comprehensive services, we’ve got everything you need to make sure your home is properly prepared to fight against water damage.

Waterproofing Exterior Basement Walls Services in Montco 

As basement waterproofing specialists, we understand how important exterior foundation waterproofing is in the prevention of water damage and its damaging side effects. We feature a number of innovative basement waterproofing systems and we tailor our services to your needs, so we can create the perfect system for your residence.

Installing Exterior Drain Tile

Do you have an issue with puddles or flooding in your yard? If so, an affordable way to solve this issue is with a French drain installation or exterior drain tile. By directing water away from your home, these drainage systems prevent water from accumulating near your foundation and causing structural damage.

Exterior Crack Repair

If your home has cracks in its foundation, no waterproofing precautions will be effective. Worthington Waterproofing is proud to be a local waterproofing company with all of the services required to fully protect homes in Montgomery County, including exterior crack repair. Our foundation repair services involve injecting a durable epoxy into cracks, filling them and preventing them from spreading in the future.

Installing Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

For homeowners willing to invest time and money into keeping water from seeping into the basement, we can install an exterior waterproofing membrane. While this method of waterproofing requires excavation, the long-term results and superior protection against water and structural damage are well worth the short-term inconvenience.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions From Trusted Experts

At Worthington Waterproofing, we can help you with more than exterior waterproofing solutions. We also offer interior basement waterproofing services to ensure your home is protected from every area. From sump pump installation to additional membrane installation, we’ve got exactly what you need for a completely waterproof basement.

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Interested in learning more about how to protect your home from water damage? Get in touch with the basement waterproofing specialists at Worthington Waterproofing right away to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. You can also take a moment today to complete our online quote form and request your free, no-obligation project estimate.