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New Castle County Exterior Waterproofing Company

Need a reliable and reputable waterproofing company in New Castle County? Since the 1960s, the professionals at Worthington Waterproofing and Basement Health Systems have helped members of the community receive the home protection they deserve. With skilled and experienced professionals and an extensive selection of interior and exterior waterproofing services, we can handle any need your home has with ease.

We’ve Got Solutions for Waterproofing Exterior Basement Walls

As a leading New Castle County waterproofing company, we’re familiar with a number of basement waterproofing systems and we understand how important proper exterior foundation waterproofing is in protecting your home against water damage. When it comes to waterproofing exterior walls, we offer a number of solutions to provide you with the best water damage prevention system possible.

Installing Exterior Drain Tile

Tired of flooding in your yard? A French drain installation is one of the most effective, and affordable, methods of waterproofing. As water enters your yard, it will be directed away from your home, preventing accumulation at the foundation.

Exterior Crack Repair

Does your home have cracks in the foundation? Until you have a proper exterior crack repair, no system for waterproofing will be actually protect your home. Our basement waterproofing specialists offer foundation repair solutions, ensuring the best performance from your chosen waterproofing system.

Installing Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

If your home is susceptible to major flooding and leaks, our professionals can install an exterior waterproofing membrane. This waterproofing method requires more time and work, as we excavate the ground in order to expose your home’s exterior wall. Once exposed, we install a waterproof barrier that provides lasting protection against flood and water damage.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions in New Castle County, DE

As a leading waterproofing company in New Castle County, we can take care of the interior of your basement as well. We offer everything from sump pump installation to crawl space waterproofing services, ensuring every part of your home is properly protected against water damage. At Worthington Waterproofing, we recognize that every home is unique and we will tailor our interior basement waterproofing services to accommodate your needs.

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Don’t take any chances with the structural health of your home! Get in touch with the basement waterproofing specialists at Worthington Waterproofing today to find out more about our comprehensive and customizable solutions. Give us a call or complete our convenient online quote form to request more info and a free, no-obligation project estimate.