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Birchrunville Basement Systems: Waterproofing, Egress and Basement Health

As the base that the rest of your Birchrunville house sits on, your basement is one of the most critical pieces of your home's structure. Water or moisture can put this base at risk, so it's essential to keep your basement space free of both.

Do you have concerns about the safety of your basement? Then turn to the certified experts at Worthington Waterproofing. Our family-owned and operated business has provided high-quality, professional basement waterproofing services for over 60 years. Our A+ rating with the BBB shows that every team member is committed to providing you with quality products and service.

We are proud to provide Birchrunville homeowners with a range of professional waterproofing services, including:

Professional Basement Waterproofing

No Birchrunville homeowner wants to think about water collecting in their basement. But when it becomes a problem, all that moisture can put the structure of your home at risk. Our experienced basement waterproofing company can assess your home and develop a plan for providing maximum protection.

  • Interior Waterproofing: We protect your basement from floor to ceiling with a custom waterproofing plan designed around your home's unique needs.
  • Exterior Waterproofing: By waterproofing the outside areas surrounding your basement, you can add an extra layer of protection and keep moisture out of your basement more effectively.
  • Crawl Space Waterproofing: We keep your home's crawlspace dry year-round with our superior waterproofing systems. We combine a sump pump with a French Drain system for a highly effective way to keep your crawl space clean and dry.
  • French Drain Installation: These innovative draining systems protect your home by channeling water away from your basement and, more importantly, your foundation.
  • Sump Pump Installation: High-quality sump pumps are an excellent way to keep rain or groundwater from collecting in your basement and are a popular choice for Birchrunville homeowners.

Keep Your Basement Healthy

When moisture accumulates in your basement, it can significantly impact the air quality in the rest of your home. Our basement health systems aim to remove excess moisture from the air in your basement to prevent mold or mildew from impacting your family's health. Also, our efficient air ventilation systems take that protection a step further by removing impurities from the air in your entire home.

New Egress Windows

Basement windows are a requirement of building code standards. They provide an exit in an emergency and increase the airflow into your basement while providing natural light. However, aging or damaged egress windows can decrease your home's energy efficiency or even compromise your family's safety. We can install new egress windows and also assist with your bulkhead stairwells.

Affordable Foundation Repairs

Being proactive when you first notice minor cracks or other foundation issues can help prevent more significant problems later. So whether you've started to see minor concerns like wall cracks or have more severe concerns like bowing basement walls, our experts can help strengthen your home's foundation with our foundation structural repair or foundation wall crack repair services.

Call Our Birchrunville Experts to Get Started

Delaware Valley homeowners have trusted us with their home's protection for nearly 60 years. So, if you have any concerns about the condition of your basement, reach out to our friendly Birchrunville professionals for help. Call or use our online form today to schedule your no-obligation, in-home consultation, and estimate today.