foundation cracks
If you’re a homeowner, there is a strong likelihood that you will need to invest in some type of foundation crack repair. There are various options available for crack repair. Ensuring the best results is therefore a matter of choosing the best solution for your particular situation. 

Foundation Crack Repair

The following are some factors to consider when choosing a foundation wall crack repair solution:

  • The location of the cracks: Foundation related cracks don’t always occur in foundation walls. You will find that cracks found in the ceiling and in your walls are often related to foundation problems. You may also be in need of a repair service when you spot cracks in the stairway, deck or porch. The occurrence of such cracks may require more than patchwork. You may need extensive repair such as the installation of helical piers to stabilize the foundation in addition to the repair of the cracks.
  • The location of your home: Your home’s geographical location can contribute to the formation of foundation cracks. You don’t have to be in an area with extremely bad weather to experience foundation cracks. Conditions such as soil quality influence foundation conditions. Considering the location of your home will help you in determining the root cause of the cracks. This will ensure that the foundation crack repair method you apply will address any issues surrounding the foundation and therefore provide long term results.
  • The material used to construct your foundation: Different methods of foundation repair work best with different materials. Therefore, the material used to construct the foundation will greatly influence the method used to repair the cracks. For example, cracks in brick foundation walls would do best with masonry repair methods while cracks in concrete walls can be repaired using crack injections.
  • Your plans for the future: Are you planning a construction project any time in the future? If the answer is yes, you may prefer to carry out more extensive work in anticipation e.g. foundation stabilization. This will save you time and money when you finally undertake the construction project.

Resolve Your Foundation Issues

Before you make a decision on the foundation crack repair method to apply, it is important to consult with a local, certified foundation repair professional. This will ensure that you get the highest quality results possible and therefore reap long term benefits from the repair. Be sure to address the root cause of the cracks before repairing the actual cracks.