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Basements are an often neglected part of the home and are regularly seen as merely a structural feature. If  the basement is not suited for being a living space or the homeowner has no intention of making a finished lower level, it often can result in problems being ignored -- and then the issues can intensify over time. However, having a basement in your home is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your living space - even if merely for added storage space. With so much extra room, a basement can easily add immense value to your house and there are a variety of options for it.

Immense Value in Basement Egress

If you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, you need to make sure that the basement is up to proper specifications. Having a basement egress is an absolute necessity for safety reasons, and if neglected can actually make your home out of code.

Let's examine the types of egress solutions you can install in your basement, as well as the benefits of hiring a company to put it in place for you.

Keep Your Delaware Valley Home Safe With a Basement Egress

Having a properly functioning egress is critical to the safety of your home. Not only is it necessary for your family's peace of mind, but in many cases, it is a legal requirement. Should an emergency occur in the basement, those down there need to have a guaranteed way out. While you always hope disaster never strikes, it can, and you should be prepared.

Installing basement egress stairs is a great solution that provides safety as well as style.

Benefits of Installing Bulkhead Stairwells

When considering egress solutions for your basement, a bulkhead stairwell is a prime option. Not only will this pass a home inspection, keeping your house legal, but it will also add convenience to your life and style to your home's exterior. Some of the benefits of installing basement egress stairs include:

  • Safety: Compared to egress windows, a stairwell provides a much faster exit should your home face emergency flooding.
  • Security: With locking ground-level doors, as well as a locking basement door, you'll have doubled layered security against home intrusion.
  • Style: Many homeowners find that a bulkhead stairwell adds a certain level of charm to the exterior.
  • Convenience: Entering and exiting your basement is made easy with basement egress stairs, so you can access what you need when you need it.

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