interior basement waterproofing

Basements are a common place of disdain for many homeowners. This area of the home is often disregarded and unused because of water problems. Your basement's location at the bottom of your home means that all the runoff your house produces during rainstorms finds its way down there. Without proper waterproofing, you'll simply be dealing with a flooded mess.

One of the best investments you can make is to hire an experienced basement waterproofing company for your Delaware Valley home. With their expertise, you'll be able to enjoy a fully-functional basement that doesn't suffer from the same problems as your friend's or neighbor's homes. Let's look at all the benefits of hiring a qualified team.

What to Look for When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Delaware Valley

Not all basement waterproofing companies are equal. Many provide inferior workmanship that doesn't last, leaving you with an empty wallet and a wet basement. The key is to find a team that really knows what they're doing. 

Some attributes to look out for include:

  • Certifications: Industry certifications are a good indicator of a contractor's experience. The BHA Waterproofing Specialist, Air Quality Specialist, and Structural Repair Specialist certifications are some of the most common.
  • Community Reputation: Look at what your neighbors have to say! Be sure to look at reviews and testimonials from other customers in the Delaware Valley area. A good team will be able to provide multiple solutions like French drains and sump pumps.
  • Better Business Bureau Ratings: Always choose a basement contractor with an A+ rating.

Top Benefits of a Waterproof Basement

A waterproof basement can greatly improve your well-being within the home. Instead of treating the space as a nasty, wet, untouchable area, you can begin to enjoy it. Waterproofing your basement is the first step to having a finished basement. Have you ever wanted a game room, man cave, or dedicated office space? By hiring a waterproofing company you are one step closer.

Additionally, your air quality in the home will drastically improve. Without mold spores flying around, your family will be safe and healthy.

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When it comes to finding an experienced basement contractor, no one can compete with Worthington Waterproofing. We've been providing basement waterproofing to the Delaware Valley since the early 1960s. We check all the boxes outlined above, including multiple certifications, an A+ BBB rating, and various industry affiliations. 

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