No matter how you use your basement, it’s important to make sure it’s protected all season long. From keeping your storage dry to keeping your family safe, proper basement care affects your entire home. But as each season changes, potential waterproofing issues arise. Here are some of the ways you can waterproof your basement from damage throughout each season.

Tackling Winter’s Freeze/Thaw Cycle

As snow freezes and melts, it can create cracks in your foundation. These cracks are damaging on their own, but become even more risky when water seeps in. The winter freeze/thaw cycle turns small cracks into larger problems for your home’s structure. Some ways basement waterproofing services can keep your home strong against the winter months include:

  • Repairing Floor and Wall Cracks
  • Strengthening Your Foundation
  • Replacing Your Egress Windows

Waterproofing Against Spring’s Rainy Months

Although the rainy spring season can be beautiful, it can also cause extreme weather conditions. From intermittent river rising and flooding to pooled yard water, the damp season affects your entire property. However, basement waterproofers can keep your home safe and dry with:

  • Interior Wall and Floor Sealing
  • Exterior Water Runoff Systems
  • French Drain Systems
  • Sump Pump Drainage
  • Crawl Space Waterproofing

Dehumidifying Your Home in the Summer

As your home becomes more humid in the summer, it’s important to make sure your basement stays dry. Basement health systems prioritize the quality of air in your home. A basement waterproofing company can provide professional dehumidification techniques. This way, your home will be better protected against:

  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Moisture in Walls
  • Dust, Pollen, and Allergens

Maintaining Your Basement Through Fall

The fall season is a great time to work on your basement’s overall maintenance before the inclement winter begins. Fallen leaves, debris buildup, and moisture growth can affect the efficiency of your basement’s drainage system. During this time, you should make sure your systems are properly protecting your home against water damage, flooding, and more.

Learn More About Your Basement Waterproofing Options

As the seasons change, new issues continue to arise. But you can keep your home protected year-round with a professional Delaware Valley waterproofing company. At Worthington Waterproofing, we’ve offered certified basement solutions since the early 1960s. We’re certified and A+ rated for each of your protective basement solutions. Call today to schedule your free basement waterproofing assessment!