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Bryn Mawr Basement Health

If your basement or crawlspace isn't effectively sealed against moisture and humidity when cold, rainy weather hits, it will seep into your home. Stop damp air and allergens, like mold and mildew, before they start to become a problem with help from an established provider of basement health systems. Since 1960, Worthington Waterproofing and Basement Health Systems has served Bryn Mawr as an A+ rated, BBB-accredited contractor. Our team is well-trained and certified to install a variety of systems developed to improve air quality in the home, such as:

  • Basement Dehumidification Systems
  • Basement Ventilation Systems
  • Basement Encapsulation Systems

Dry Out with Bryn Mawr Basement Dehumidification

Excessive humidity in the basement causes a number of problems from the growth of mold and mildew, to a constant feeling of dampness in the home. With our Santa Fe and Aprilaire dehumidifiers, homeowners can keep their basements dry and comfortable. These top-of-the-line systems allow you to select the desired humidity level and even make adjustments via a wirelessly connected mobile device. To keep your home dry in Bryn Mawr, basement dehumidification is the key.

Breathe Easy with Bryn Mawr Basement Ventilation

When the air in your home is damp, dusty, and smells unpleasant, the best option is to seek our local Bryn Mawr basement ventilation services. Our skilled contractors can install an innovative ventilation system that sucks stagnant air in and pushes it outside to improve your Bryn Mawr indoor air quality. When in operation, this system cycles the air inside your home through your basement several times a day, which actively removes allergens, dander, and dust. Quiet, unobtrusive and quick to install, this system is an affordable solution to a range of air quality issues.

Stay Comfortable with Bryn Mawr Basement Encapsulation

The most effective way to improve your air quality and keep humidity low is by blocking gas and moisture from getting into the basement with a waterproof HDPE sheet barrier. Create a completely enclosed system in the home with our local Bryn Mawr basement encapsulation services. Our team will adhere thick sheeting to your basement walls and floor to create a sealed room where no water vapor, dust, mites, or even Radon gas can enter. For homeowners in Bryn Mawr, basement health begins with total encapsulation.

Ask Us About Our Bryn Mawr Basement Health Solutions

At Worthington Waterproofing and Basement Health Systems, we strive to offer high-quality services that protect your family for as long as you live in the home. Our Bryn Mawr basement health systems are effective, available with several options, and come with a fully transferable lifetime guarantee. Ask us about your free price quote for improved air quality and comfort today. Our representatives are available via phone or our online contact form.