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Egress Window Installation in West Chester

If you’re planning to finish your basement in West Chester, don’t overlook egress windows! No matter the size, style, or age of your property, an egress window installation is critical to keeping your loved ones safe and healthy at home. 

At Worthington Basement Health Systems, we’re a family-run basement waterproofing company that’s been working in West Chester since 1960. Our egress window installation contractors are triple-certified by the Basement Health Association and will go the extra mile to make sure your family’s home is the safe, peaceful haven you deserve.

Egress Window Requirements

If you’ve ever wondered, “What is an egress window?”—you aren’t alone! Many West Chester homeowners aren’t aware of these windows or why they’re so important. Simply put, egress windows are escape windows; they allow your family a safe point of exit in case of fire or other emergency. They also provide an easy entryway for firefighters or other first responders.

To legally serve as escape windows, however, egress windows must comply with specific egress window code, including regulations on:

  • Windowpane Dimensions
  • Clear Window Opening Size
  • Height from Ground Level
  • Windowsill Depth and Height
  • Bulkhead Stairwell Design
  • Egress Window Well Design

By hiring Worthington Basement Health Systems, you won’t have to worry about meeting code or passing inspection. As a BHA-Certified Egress Specialist, our window installers are experts in local code and will ensure that your egress window installation is up to standard.

Benefits of Egress Windows

With egress windows from our West Chester waterproofing company, basement safety definitely comes first. But you won’t have to sacrifice the many other benefits of a new window installation, either!

We’ve used our 60+ years of basement finishing experience to identify the highest-quality window products. In addition to their safe emergency access, our egress windows are:

  • Built to Invite Bright Natural Sunlight Indoors
  • Great for Circulating Fresh Air, Helping to Prevent Mold Growth and High Humidity
  • Energy Efficient to Lower Utility Costs and Seal in Climate-Controlled Air
  • Stylishly Customized to Your Preferences, Inside and Out
  • Professionally Installed by Trained and Certified Experts
  • Highly Secure with Strong Locks to Prevent Forced Entry

Since egress windows are legally required to consider a basement habitable, they can also be the missing piece to your fully finished basement! These windows can add property value by turning your empty basement into a livable space.

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At Worthington Basement Health Systems, your family is important to us—and we’ll do whatever we can to improve your family’s health, safety, and satisfaction at home. Call our West Chester egress window installation contractors to find out more about us today! To go ahead and request your free cost estimate, fill out our online form now.