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Egress Window Installation in West Whiteland Township

Whether you’re planning to finish your basement for the first time or are updating a decades-old mother-in-law suite, egress windows are a critical feature—both for code-compliant renovations and for your family’s safety! At Worthington Basement Health Systems, we know firsthand the importance of egress window installations because we’ve offered them to West Whiteland Township families since 1960.

Family-owned and triple-certified by the Basement Health Association, we specialize in customized egress windows that bring you day-to-day functionality as well as long-term peace of mind. Our egress window installation contractors take tremendous pride in offering family-first service that not only protects your loved ones but also beautifies your home.

Egress Window Requirements

What is an egress window? Most often placed in basements, these windows are designed to offer a safe escape route in case of fire or other home emergency. Unlike typical house windows in West Whiteland Township, these escape windows must meet very specific standards for both design and installation.

Local egress window code specifies many requirements, including:

  • Clear Opening Dimensions
  • Width and Height of Frame
  • Vertical Placement from the Ground
  • Windowsill Height and Depth
  • Size of Exterior Egress Window Well
  • Bulkhead Stairwell Design

Because egress regulations vary between states and even between cities, it’s important to work with installers who are familiar with the local area—like Worthington Basement Health Systems! By trusting us with your home’s egress windows, you’re guaranteed up-to-date, code-compliant work from a genuinely caring and family-owned team.

Benefits of Egress Windows

Egress windows are critical to maintaining a safe home with clear escape routes and easy access to emergency first responders—but with our West Whiteland Township basement waterproofing company, your new egress windows can do so much more than that!

Like all of our basement finishing services, our egress windows can be fully customized in order to provide long-term benefits:

  • Ventilation: Outdoor air is one of the best ways to fight off mold and excess humidity in your basement. Simply slide or swing open your egress windows to circulate fresh air any time!
  • Light: You can forget about a dark, dingy basement! Egress windows’ large openings will brighten up your below-ground space with charming sunlight.
  • Property Value: Egress windows can bring basement bedrooms up to code, allowing you to include them as a legally habitable space. Many West Whiteland Township homeowners see a significant boost in value as a result!
  • Style: From the window frame to the egress window well, we can customize each aspect of your egress windows until they’re perfect for you.

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At Worthington Basement Health Systems, your family matters! As a BHA-Certified Egress Specialist, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep your loved ones safe in your West Whiteland Township home. Call our egress window experts today to find out more, or fill out our online form to request your free consultation and cost estimate now.