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Coatesville Basement Systems: Waterproofing, Egress and Basement Health

Moisture is one of the most destructive forces that can affect a home. Basements are particularly vulnerable to moisture build-up, and their underground location makes it difficult to maintain proper ventilation to correct the problem.

That's why for more than 60 years, Worthington Waterproofing has been dedicated to providing quality products and services for the basement waterproofing needs of thousands of families throughout the Delaware Valley. Our A+ rating with the BBB shows that every team member is committed to delivering quality service in a way that's sensitive to your home's unique needs.

We offer a variety of professional waterproofing services to Coatesville homeowners, including:

Custom Interior Waterproofing Services 

Structural damage from water can be costly, so if you have a leaky basement, you should call in professional help from our local basement waterproofing company to assess your home and develop a plan for protecting it. We offer custom solutions designed specifically for your home.

Protect Your Coatesville Home from the Outside

By waterproofing key exterior areas of your home, you can prevent water from seeping into your basement. Our experienced contractors will evaluate the unique conditions of your property to provide a solution custom-built for your home.

Breathe Easier

When water collects in your basement, it can affect the air quality not only in your basement but also in the rest of your home. With dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture and high-quality air ventilation systems to remove impurities, our experts can improve the air quality in your entire home.

High-Quality Egress Windows

Egress windows are required by building code standards because they provide an emergency exit. They also improve airflow while providing natural light. However, aging or damaged egress windows can decrease your home's energy efficiency or provide a weak point in your home's security. Our Coatesville experts can help design and install new egress windows and assist with your bulkhead stairwells.

Make Sure Your Foundation is Strong

Minor cracks or other foundation issues should be addressed early to prevent more significant problems. Whether you see minor or severe signs of foundation problems, we can fix your home's foundation with our foundation structural repair or foundation wall crack repair services.

Talk to Our Professional Team

For nearly 60 years, homeowners have depended on our services to protect their basements and their homes. If you have concerns about the condition of your basement, reach out to our experienced Coatesville professionals for help. To schedule a no-obligation, in-home consultation, call or use our online form today.