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Conshohocken Egress Solutions

Since 1960, Worthington Basement Health Systems has offered professional waterproofing services to homeowners throughout Conshohocken. Egress window installation, foundation repair, and stairwell installation are now all a part of our wheelhouse.

Whether you need to add basement egress windows to meet local code requirements or are looking to increase safety in the home, our egress window contractors are here to help. They are fully trained and certified experts with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our basement window installers will collaborate closely with you and the local municipality to ensure your windows are perfect.

A Few Common Egress Window Requirements

Speaking of egress window codes do vary from place to place. At Worthington Basement Health Systems, our basement window contractors will make sure your egress windows meet all of the minimum standards for Conshohocken.

What is an egress window plan supposed to include? Our egress window and waterproofing company will usually make sure they meet following measurements:

  • Windowsills no more than 44” from the floor
  • Window opening is 5.7 sq. ft. above-grade
  • Window opening is 5 sq. ft. below-grade

Your egress window wells will also be larger than the older basement window wells with more room to stand up in and either steps or a ladder. Some people opt to decorate their window wells with plants. They also use a variety of materials to support the well from brick to composite forms.

Some of the Benefits of Egress Windows

If you are considering egress window installation, you’ll find that there are other benefits to having them. Homeowners note that these windows are larger which allows a lot of light to enter the basement. The egress windows are also operable, so homeowners can exchange fresh air for musty air that tends to build up in the basement.

While installing escape windows is a pricy proposition, it may be made more cost-effective by combining their installation with other basement finishing projects. You could also add bulkhead stairwells or waterproof the foundation at the same time.

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Stop worrying about your family’s safety when they spend time in the basement. Have Worthington Basement Health Systems install an egress window to make evacuating easier in an emergency. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started with a free cost estimate right away.