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Kennett Square Egress Solutions

Getting egress windows in your home is as easy as calling on the basement window installers at Worthington Basement Health Systems. We provide quality Kennett Square egress window installation in addition to our basement renovation services.

Our team is familiar with the code requirements of basement egress windows as we have been serving the community since 1960. You can count on our egress window contractors to provide competent installation that focuses on providing a sturdy and safe exit for your family in the event of an emergency.

Egress Window Requirements in Kennett Square

We’ve installed a wide range of egress windows for homeowners in Pennsylvania. They have all varied in style, size, and placement. Some feature plain corrugated tin walls, while others are lined with wood or bricks. Some homeowners also opt for composite liners that resemble natural materials. Homeowners may also opt to plant flowers in the egress window well, as long as they don’t impede access. So, if you are wondering ‘what is an egress window,’ you’ll find that they are all slightly different.

Of course, there is a standard that most of these escape windows follow to ensure people can quickly leave through one in case of a fire or building collapse. Every county and state has different egress window code regulations, but most follow these minimum measurements:

  • 5.7 sq. ft. window opening above-grade
  • 5 sq. ft. window opening below-grade
  • Windowsill a maximum of 44” above the floor

The Benefits of Egress Windows

Egress window installation is an essential part of the basement finishing process, especially if you want to add a bedroom to this area. It’s a safety requirement that helps whoever happens to be sleeping down there at night. But there are a few other reasons to get these windows installed in your basement:

  • Save money and time with combining multiple basements finishing projects like window installation, bulkhead stairwells, and waterproofing.
  • Bring a lot more light and fresh air into the basement with the larger, operable egress windows you install.
  • Research has shown that egress windows bring a return on investment of 10 to 20 times their cost for homeowners.

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