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North Wales Egress Solutions

If you are searching for knowledgeable egress window contractors you can trust to meet local codes, while offering stylish design options, you’ve found it. Worthington Basement Health Systems offers professional North Wales egress window installation services.

We have basement window installers who are familiar with the requirements of many local municipalities when it comes to basement egress windows. Our team will help you navigate those requirements and pick out a design that is not only safe but also meets your needs.

Typical Egress Window Requirements

Before we explain more about the unique challenges of egress window installation, you may still not know exactly what is an egress window. As the name implies, it’s a type of escape window that’s designed to allow residents to easily climb out during an emergency. Egress windows have minimum size requirements and placements in the room to ensure it is easy for all to use.

Of course, the minimum egress window code varies from municipality to municipality, but the standards tend to include:

  • A minimum of 5.7 sq. ft. for the window opening above-grade
  • A minimum of 5 sq. ft. for a window opening that is below-grade
  • Windowsills no higher than 44” from the floor

Your egress window well will also be larger than the average to allow a full-grown adult to stand up inside. There may also be steps or a ladder to facilitate climbing out to safety.

Benefits of Egress Windows in North Wales

You can count on our waterproofing company to provide quality egress window installation that offers many benefits for customers. We’ll be happy to go over all of the benefits of using our basement window contractors for this job during a consultation. Just give us a chance to explain further.

In the meantime, here are some of the benefits you can expect with installing egress windows:

  1. Enjoy multiple services in one project with our window installation, bulkhead stairway installation, and basement waterproofing.
  2. You’ll also be getting the basement updated with important safety features for your loved ones.
  3. Egress windows are larger and will bring more light and fresh air into any room.
  4. Egress windows also bring between 10 to 20 times the return on investment for homeowners.

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You can find out a lot more during a complimentary consultation with the egress window specialists at Worthington Basement Health Systems. Give us a call about setting up your appointment today. For help with a free quote on any of our home renovation services, from bulkhead stairwells to egress windows, fill out our online form now.