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Ridley Park Egress Windows

Are you worried about your family’s safety in the event of a fire or other dangerous event? There are many ways that homeowners can enjoy improved safety, especially on the ground level and basement levels of the home. Consider getting basement egress windows installed to give your loved ones an alternative escape in case the stairs become blocked.

Many municipalities have regulations in place requiring egress windows in the lower levels of the home. It is an expensive project, but homeowners can find competitive rates through egress window contractors like Worthington Basement Health Systems.

We are trained and certified basement window installers who can ensure your egress windows are installed to local regulations. Worthington Basement Health Systems also provides Ridley Park egress window installation to our customer’s exact wishes for design and style too.

Meeting Egress Window Requirements

You may be wondering exactly what is an egress window? Essentially, these are large escape windows built with enough room for people to climb through and up the egress window well in an emergency.

Most state building codes require:

  • A minimum 5.7 sq. ft. opening for above-grade
  • Minimum 5 sq. ft. opening below-grade for egress windows
  • Not more than 44” above the floor for easy access

Egress windows may also have easy open latches and stairs installed in the window well to facility evacuation too.

The most important part of updating your basement windows is to confirm that your plans meet local egress window codes. Worthington Basement Health Systems will take care of everything involved in permitting and meeting code requirements during your egress window installation.

Benefits of Egress Windows for You

Many homes aren’t required to have safety features due to exceptions in local codes, such as being built before the codes were enacted or basements not being a finished living area. If you do want to make the most of your basement or ground floor, you’ll likely want to get features like egress windows and bulkhead stairwells installed.

What are some of the benefits of egress windows?

  • Save money and time by combining projects, such as having a waterproofing company install a French drain and egress windows.
  • Egress windows do make your basement safer, especially if you plan to use part of it as a bedroom.
  • Homeowners also enjoy a return on investment that is 10 to 20 times greater than the cost of installing egress windows.
  • Egress windows are larger and allow much more light to enter a normally dark and humid basement.

Find Out More About Our Egress Window Installation Contractors

Worthington Basement Health Systems is fully trained and certified in egress window installation that meets local building code requirements. Make sure every level of your home is safe for your family by having us install these escape windows.

To get started with a free consultation with our Ridley Park basement window contractors, give us a call today. For a complimentary quote on new egress windows, fill out our online form now.