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Exton Basement Health

While home updates that secure your basement’s waterproofing and improve indoor air quality might not be the most exciting, they are some of the most important that you’ll make to your Exton home. Worthington Basement Health Systems provides all the services you need to ensure that your home will not sustain damage from excess moisture and that your family is protected from the negative health effects of mold and other airborne impurities.

We’ve provided our top-rated services to more than 100,000 homeowners since 1960, and we’ve never wavered on our impressive level of quality. That commitment to excellence has earned us A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and many positive reviews from our satisfied customers.

Experienced Exton Basement Health Specialists

Experience counts when it comes to something as important as waterproofing your home and improving your Exton indoor air quality. We not only have more than five decades of experience, but we also hold three certifications from the Basement Health Association including Certified Waterproofing Specialist, Certified Egress Specialist, and Certified Basement Air Quality Specialist.

We offer several services to help shore up your Exton basement health including:

  • Exton Basement Encapsulation: Encapsulating your basement is an effective way to keep out moisture that could penetrate other barriers. It only takes a very small amount of excess moisture to cause a mold infestation and other issues, and this service helps to keep your basement dry.
  • Exton Basement Ventilation: Just as important as keeping your basement dry is ensuring proper ventilation in your space. Without it, airborne impurities become trapped. We’ll help you strike the perfect balance between proper ventilation and keeping moisture out.
  • Exton Basement Dehumidification: Too much moisture not only leads to mold but can also cause rot and other damage to your home. A dehumidifier allows you to control the moisture level, so you can eliminate the problems associated with excess moisture while also ensuring the environment isn’t too dry.

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You deserve a safe, clean, comfortable home and our basement health solutions can help achieve that. Contact us to learn about our Exton home solutions and to schedule a free, in-home estimate. Call Worthington Basement Health Systems today, or fill out our simple online form now to get started.