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Malvern Basement Health

The basement is often overlooked when it comes to home updates, but that can be a costly mistake. Failing to ensure that your basement is properly protected from moisture and other issues can lead to the need for expensive repairs—and can even cause potential health problems.

Worthington Basement Health Systems is committed to helping you protect your family and your home with our comprehensive Malvern basement health systems solutions. Since 1963, our family-owned business has provided exceptional service to customers in the Malvern area, and that's why we're the trusted choice for these important home improvements.

Certified Malvern Basement Health Professionals

Malvern basement health is too important to trust to just any company. Our family-owned business has three certifications from the Basement Health Association:

  • Certified Waterproofing Specialist
  • Certified Egress Specialist
  • Certified Basement Air Quality Specialist

Our basement health experts offer all the services you need to ensure issues in your basement issues won’t lead to serious problems. Our services include:

  • Malvern Basement Encapsulation: In subterranean spaces, like your basement, moisture can seep through the walls, leading to mold and other issues. Basement encapsulation provides a barrier between the soil and the interior of your basement, so your basement will stay dry.
  • Malvern Basement Ventilation: It’s important to strike a balance between keeping out moisture and ensuring there is proper ventilation in your basement. If there isn’t, pollutants, mold, and moisture will be trapped inside leading to diminished air quality. We’ll ensure your basement is dry, yet still has appropriate ventilation.
  • Malvern Basement Dehumidification: If the air in your basement is too moist, it can cause rot, structural issues, and mold throughout your home. We have affordable solutions that allow you to achieve optimal air quality throughout the year.

Protect the structural integrity of your home and enjoy healthy Malvern indoor air quality with our trusted solutions—all of which are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Learn More About Our Malvern Basement Health Solutions

Protect your family from the potential negative health effects of mold and protect your home from damage caused by excess moisture. Contact us today for more information about basement health and our other Malvern services or to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. Call Worthington Basement Health Systems today, or fill out our simple online quote form to get started.