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Ardmore Exterior Waterproofing Company

Water damage can be extremely detrimental to the safety and condition of your home, and unfortunately, a lot of basements are susceptible to moisture accumulation, leaks, and major floods. In order to protect your home and family, you should let Worthington Waterproofing assist you with professional exterior waterproofing. Our Ardmore waterproofing company has been involved in the industry for almost 60 years, so we are confident that we have all the knowledge, skills, and resources that we need to provide you with effective solutions.

Waterproofing Exterior Basement Walls for Extra Protection

There are many ways that you can add more protection from your flooding and water accumulation, but exterior foundation waterproofing helps to stop things at the source. If you are interested in completing your basement waterproofing systems, you’ve come to the right place! Our professionals can help you choose from our long list of products and services for waterproofing exterior walls.

Installing Exterior Drain Tile

If you are looking for a simple solution, we recommend our French drain installation services. It is one of our most affordable options, but it is also incredibly long lasting. Since this project consists of digging trenches around your house and filling them with gravel or, in some cases, perforated pipes, you don’t have to worry about these materials breaking down over time.

Exterior Crack Repair

When you come to our expert waterproofing company, you can also rest assured that we know how to do more than preventative procedures. We can also provide you with an exterior crack repair with your waterproofing system. By completing a foundation repair, you can stop the spread of damage and even return your foundation to its original state.

Installing Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

One of our most effective solutions is our exterior waterproofing membrane. Though this project includes an excavation to install the waterproof barrier on the outside of your foundation, the results are more than worth all the mess and fuss. In fact, you can expect to see dramatic improvements in your Ardmore basement.

Ardmore Interior Waterproofing Solutions

At Worthington Waterproofing we complete the total system by pairing interior basement waterproofing with our exterior solutions. Based on our findings at the inspection, we can determine the right fit your home and budget. For example, we can combine our exterior services with a sump pump installation to provide you with the most effective results.

Ask About Our Ardmore, PA Waterproofing Company

If you have questions for any of our Ardmore basement waterproofing specialists, then we encourage you to get in contact with Worthington Waterproofing right away! You can call us to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our experts, or we can provide you with free pricing after you take a moment to fill out our online form.