We have been shut down for the past 2 weeks in an abundance of caution in the spirit of the Governor's order, even prior to the more stringent orders that followed.

Many in our industry are operating at normal capacity, claiming to be 'essential businesses'. While there may be some argument for that in a few cases, the reality is that most waterproofing issues are not dire emergencies.  We have been around for 60 years and have ridden the waves of good fortune and bad.  We have learned and structured ourselves to be prepared for an event such as this. Due to our minimal static overhead, we can survive an extended shut down and still be in business when this all clears up with no problems. Many of our competitors cannot say that and will not survive an extended shut down.  (hence their continued operations despite the situation)

So given that we are going to operate on an 'emergency only' basis, then what constitutes an emergency?:

What is an emergency?: 

  1. Water in a finished basement that could lead to mold growth.
  2. Significant amounts of water in an unfinished basement that could threaten mechanicals (water heater, furnace, etc)
  3. Leaking egress window in a finished basement that could lead to mold growth.
  4. Pre-settlement (real estate) leakage discovered that was previously unknown/undisclosed.
  5. Maintenance calls that put finished basements at significant risk of mold growth  (fortunately there are very few of those for us)

What is NOT an emergency?:

  1. Small leaks in unfinished basements
  2. Egress window quotes/installations
  3. Small leaks in partially finished basements, in the unfinished area
  4. Maintenance calls in unfinished basements

Also now that we are working on remote virtual estimate technology that will allow us to assess your problem without coming to your home.  We hope to have that up and running within the next week.  Be on the look out for our announcement regarding that.

Thank you all for your understanding in these uncertain times.  Stay home and stay safe.