Yes, we are offering assessments for emergencies and completing urgent projects, all with extra precautions for everyone's health and safety, including and Video Assessments to avoid entering your home for inspections.

From the beginning of the global pandemic and Governor Wolf’s shutdown of all non-essential businesses, we have chosen to err on the side of caution and be very conservative in our activities. Although considered an essential industry, we have chosen to operate on an emergency only basis for the past few months.   After Governor Wolf’s reopening of construction in PA, and after consultation with environmental experts, we have chosen to resume full operations with the following safety precautions in place. These precautions are to protect both you the homeowner, as well as our crews and inspectors.   

For the foreseeable future, we will ASSUME that every house we go into has Covid 19 present. And we will equally ASSUME that our workers carry the Covid 19 virus.  To this end we will implement the following safety measures to protect both the homeowner, and our workers. 

Work Crews

  1. Require no basement usage by the customer for 48 hours prior to the start of the job.
  2. We will set up full containment in the basement or work area using plastic sheeting.
  3. We will run negative air machines and fans to provide maximum air turnover in the work area.
  4. We will Spray/Fog/Wipe Down the entire basement using Easy Decon before beginning work.
  5. Start job and complete as normal.
  6. When job is complete, remove containment.
  7. We will Spray/Fog/Wipe Down entire basement using Easy Decon.


  1. EZ-Decon can be used while the customer is in the home.
  2. The workers can begin work within 5 minutes after the EZ-Decon is applied.  There is no extensive wait period.
  3. There is a disinfectant type odor, but it is non toxic.  It is a nuisance, not a danger.
  4. The workers need minimal PPE while using EZ-Decon.  The masks and gloves they already wear are adequate.
  5. There will be no additional cost to the homeowner for these safety measures
  6. To learn more about Easy Decon, click on this link:  Easy Decon 

We take health and safety seriously, and are doing what we can to protect your families and ours.