Basement systems need to be dry and airy in order be used as living spaces, storage areas, garages or laundry rooms. But it is common to find basements that are wet, damp or smelly. Such basements need to be repaired in order to be useful. Below are some signs that your basement systems need repair. 

  • Accumulation of water in the basement

Accumulation of water in your basement is a sign that water enters the area. This can be via seepage through the basement walls or floor or water flowing directly into the basement as a result of poor drainage. Since water damage is a serious threat to buildings, you should talk to a basement repair professional if water is accumulating in your basement. 

  • Damp areas on walls

Damp areas on the walls of your basement are a sign that water or moisture is seeping in through the walls. It could also be an indicator of moisture condensing on the walls. You should let a skilled contractor check the cause of the dampness and waterproof your basement. 

  • Peeling paint

If the paint on your basement walls suddenly starts peeling off, this could be a sign of water damage. If the paint is not old, water could be seeping into the basement, causing its walls to become wet and making the paint peel off. 

  • Musty odor

Musty odors in basement systems are usually caused by the presence of mold or mildew as a result of high humidity. As the mold and mildew grow, they produce compounds that have a musty smell. A basement repair technician can help you by waterproofing your basement and installing systems to improve its ventilation.

  • Presence of mold and mildew

In addition to the presence of a musty smell in a damp basement, you are also likely to see evidence of the growth of mold and mildew. Since mold and mildew are associated with notable damage as well as health issues, their presence in your basement should alert you to repair your basement.

  • Wood decay

Wood decay occurs when wooden items have a moisture content that exceeds 20%. In a basement, this can be due to damp conditions, meaning that you need to check the source of the moisture. 

  • Cracks on the basement floor and walls

Cracks can cause water to seep into your basement from outside or underground. These cracks can expand over time as more water leaks through them. Therefore, if your basement has cracks, you need to have them sealed by a certified basement repair technician