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Devon Basement Health

While the weather in the Delaware Valley can be beautiful, it comes with its fair share of humidity which can easily lead to a moisture problem. So, if you've noticed moisture building up on your basement walls or floors you're not alone. Unfortunately, this extra moisture can lead to mold in your basement that will circulate through your entire house, which can have a tremendous impact on your entire family.

That's why the waterproofing experts at Worthington Waterproofing are proud to offer premium basement health solutions to our customers in Devon and throughout the region. Our family-owned business has been protecting local families since 1960. Not only are we triple certified with the Basement Health Association we are also affiliated with the Indoor Air Quality Association. Plus, we are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are proud to have an A+ rating.

Superior Basement Health Systems for Devon Homeowners

The quality of the air your family breathes every day is important, and the condition of your basement can set the stage for all of the air circulating around the rest of your home.

Worthington Basement Health Systems offers a range of services, including:

  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement Solutions: The health of your basement can have a big impact on the air quality throughout the rest of your home. Moisture build-up can quickly create a problem with mold or mildew that can threaten the health and safety of your entire family. Let our specialists create a custom air-quality improvement plan to address your home's unique needs.
  • Moisture Prevention Solutions: Our state-of-the-art breathable wall encapsulation works hard to prevent mold from building up in your basement. A vapor barrier redirects excess moisture into a drain before it can build up on the walls or any other surfaces in your Devon home.
  • High-Quality Dehumidification Systems: Are you worried about excessive moisture in your basement? The professionals at Worthington Waterproofing can easily and quickly address your humidity problem by installing one of our high-quality basement dehumidification systems. If necessary, we can combine one of these effective systems with one or more of our other services to irradicate moisture from your basement for years to come.
  • Home Air Ventilation Systems: Our incredible EZ Breathe Ventilation systems can improve the air quality throughout your entire home. This powerful ventilation tool keeps air circulating through your basement while removing dust/ dust mites, mold spores, and other allergens so your whole family can breathe easily.

Let Our Experts Find the Best Solutions

For nearly sixty years, our local basement waterproofing company has been helping homeowners in Devon and throughout the Delaware Valley protect their homes and families with our wide range of quality products and services. Whether your home needs a basement health system, waterproofing, egress installation, or structural repairs, you can depend on our certified air-quality and waterproofing specialists.

Ready to protect your family by improving the air quality in your home? Call the basement experts at Worthington Waterproofing today to schedule a consultation or use our online form to request your free basement health assessment.