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Devon Basement Waterproofing

If you're like most Delaware Valley homeowners, you want to take full advantage of everything the space in your basement offers. But if your basement is collecting excessive amounts of moisture or if water is regularly making a mess, then it can be difficult to use any of that extra space.

Since 1960, the professional basement waterproofers at Worthington Waterproofing have provided Devon homeowners with a wide range of high-quality materials and services designed to protect their homes and properties. Our experienced basement waterproofing company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We offer a variety of full coverage foundation waterproofing systems, including:

Experienced Interior Waterproofing Company in Devon

When it comes to water, the most vulnerable area of your house is your basement. Unfortunately, when it comes to your home's structure and foundation, water, mold, and mildew can all cause serious damage. Our experts can assess your basement's interior and develop a custom plan to keep this important area in your home protected.

Protect Your Home with Our Exterior Waterproofing Services

Let our experienced contractors provide you with a range of exterior basement waterproofing services that are designed to protect your Devon home. We design custom solutions that meet your home's unique needs and work around your existing landscaping. Our high-quality products and draining systems are meant to last for years to come, and we offer comprehensive solutions and lifetime warranties.

Dry Crawl Spaces Are Our Specialty

While you're waterproofing your basement floor, don't forget to your crawlspace. Your crawl space is an ideal location for leaks and moisture to enter your home's foundation—but our experts know just how to stop them. Our certified basement waterproofing specialists can ensure that your crawl space is moisture and leak-free using the same high-quality basement health products and procedures that we use to protect the rest of your home.

Solve Difficult Drainage Issues with a French Drain

French drains are a simple yet cost-effective way to prevent damage from water pooling in your basement or near your foundation. French drains are a great solution for a wide range of problems around your home, particularly those you may have in your basement sealing or foundation.

Does Your Basement Need a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are an incredibly effective way to keep the sealing in basement walls or the sealing in your basement floors protected from everything from storms in the summer to snowmelt in the spring. We offer a wide range of high-quality sump pumps to address a wide range of problems. Our professionals can help you find the perfect solution for the unique needs of your property.

Let's Create a Custom Waterproofing Solution for Your Devon Home

Are you ready to protect the structure of your home and take full advantage of the potential in your basement? Whether you need waterproofing, egress windows, foundation repairs, or have concerns about the air quality in your home, our certified, professional Devon basement health experts can help you create a custom plan to protect your home and family. Call today to discuss your basement with one of our waterproofing pros, or use our online form to get started with a free assessment.