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West Whiteland French Drain Installation

Basements are notorious for being sites of pooling water and flooding in areas with heavy seasonal storms. If you are dealing with this issue in your basement, consider having Worthington Basement Health Systems take a look. Pooling water isn’t something to ignore, as it can affect your family’s health and cause long-term damage to the foundation.

We can complete a French drain installation that will remove water from the lower levels of your home on an active basis. You’ll be able to keep the basement dry year-round. Plus, we can install other basement health systems designed to keep the air clean and free of mold or mildew spores. Allow us to explain more about the benefits of a French drain for your West Whiteland Township property.

Why Choose a French Drain System for Your West Whiteland Township Home?

French drain systems are a wonderful choice for homes that have pooling water in the basement. The system involves some digging to install, but once in place provides ongoing protection from water damage. Our team will dig a trench around the interior of your basement wall and place a perforated pipe inside of it. Any moisture that enters your Pennsylvanian basement will collect in the pipe and flow at a slight angle down to a sump pit, where it’s drained out of your home by a sump pump.

French drains are also great basement waterproofing options because they:

  • Can be installed in the home in about a week
  • Require minimal to no-maintenance after installation
  • Provide ongoing drainage of any moisture that may enter the home
  • Require less digging than an exterior waterproofing project
  • Cost less than other more involved waterproofing options

Why Choose Worthington Basement Health Systems for Your French Drain Installation?

As an established basement waterproofing company in West Whiteland Township since 1960, we have a lot of experience in this industry. Our A+ rated and BBB-accredited team works closely with customers to get these jobs done quickly and to the highest standards.

We’re also able to provide:

  • Free Estimates
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranties
  • Simple Financing Options
  • Structural Repair Services

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With our highly skilled French drain installers on the job, your basement will be dry for many years to come. Start living better and breathing better with a waterproofing system that improves air quality and eliminates pooling water. If you are interested in our basement waterproofing systems, give Worthington Basement Health Systems a call. We’ll set up a free consultation with estimate in West Whiteland Township.

You can also reach out to us about our other services, like:

  • Basement Health Systems
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  • Structural Repairs

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